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Newsletter #1

  The REGISYNC Newsletter is a periodic bulletin offering information on recent developments related to the trafficking of firearms, which are fuelling armed violence and organised crime, global terrorism and conflicts, thwarting sustainable development and crisis management efforts. The November issue presents the latest updates of the project such as the development of country profiles, […]

At Whose Risk?

The Arms Trade Treaty is the first legally binding agreement linking the international arms trade to gender based violence (GTV). Although this linkage is vital, there has been little practical application of this provision. Arms export licensing officers note that their understanding of the types of GBV that would lead to an export licence denial […]

1st Methodological Workshop

On 19 January 2022 the REGISYN partners held the 1st Methodological Workshop, designed to prepare the ground for collecting data on the existing legal registers in the 35 target countries (27 EU member states, 6 Western Balkan countries, Moldova and Ukraine). The participants discussed the development of a database of national lead points of contact […]