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Effective and Innovative Practices among European Civilian Firearm Registries

The fight against illicit firearm proliferation and misuse in the EU and its regional neighbours is a multifaceted challenge. This challenge encompasses the diversion of arms from national stocks and actors; trafficking from inside and outside the region; the illicit manufacture or transfer of parts, components, accessories, and ammunition; and the conversion of alarm, signal, […]

International Exchange of Information in the Context of Firearms Control

Firearms diversion and trafficking are critical security threats to the EU and its Member States. Inadequate harmonisation of legal definitions, national frameworks, and registration systems hinders the collection and sharing of vital information, impeding efforts to prevent and detect firearm diversion to criminal and terrorist groups, both within and outside the EU. REGISYNC’s analysis discusses […]

REGISYNC Podcast – Securing firearms, protecting EU citizens, Episode 2

Firearm registries play a pivotal role in enhancing security and civil life in Europe. They expedite the effective management of legally owned firearms and enable authorities to trace firearms in case of illicit use or diversion. The EU’s recent innovations include the standardization of information exchange formats, linking national registries to other government databases, and […]

REGYSINC PODCAST – Securing firearms, protecting EU citizens

European Union Member States are intertwined not just through their currency and economy, but also through their shared borders and security issues. Firearm-related crime and violence represent a major concern for Europe’s safety, as they have the potential to destabilise entire regions, as well as exacerbate the impact of terrorist attacks.  In this episode of […]

Newsletter #2

The REGISYNC Newsletter is a periodic bulletin offering information on recent developments in the sphere of firearms trafficking and diversion of legal weapons in the EU, processes which have the ability to destabilise entire regions and states, as well as exacerbate the impact of terrorist attacks. The January issue presents the latest work that the […]