1st Methodological Workshop

On 19 January 2022 the REGISYN partners held the 1st Methodological Workshop, designed to prepare the ground for collecting data on the existing legal registers in the 35 target countries (27 EU member states, 6 Western Balkan countries, Moldova and Ukraine). The participants discussed the development of a database of national lead points of contact and how to approach them. A structured questionnaire was presented covering relevant legislation, registries and permit systems in each of the beneficiary countries. An Engagement Guidance document was developed and presented, specifying the sequence of actions from distributing the questionnaires to the analysis of responses and the preparation of country profile reports. The final goal of this stage of the project is to make an overall collective assessment and analysis (following an agreed model) from which recommendations can be elaborated.

Following the workshop, the first session of the Advisory Committee was held. Representatives of the EFE Group, OSCE, the Flemish Peace Institute and DG Home commented on the suggested methodologies and made recommendation for enhancing the project’s outreach to beneficiaries and optimising their cooperation.