REGISYNC Podcast – Securing firearms, protecting EU citizens, Episode 2

Firearm registries play a pivotal role in enhancing security and civil life in Europe. They expedite the effective management of legally owned firearms and enable authorities to trace firearms in case of illicit use or diversion. The EU’s recent innovations include the standardization of information exchange formats, linking national registries to other government databases, and improving international information exchange platforms to ensure more accurate firearm identification, which collectively contribute to greater transparency and control over civilian firearms.

In this episode of the REGYSINC Podcast, we delve into the progress of European member states in enhancing the management of legally circulating firearms and their collaborative efforts in identifying the sources of crime guns. Our guests today, Emile LeBrun, a project manager at the Small Arms Survey, and Gabrielle op ‘t Hoog, a senior consultant at Ecorys, shed light on innovative practices in the field of civilian firearms ownership in Europe, including standardized information exchange formats and connections to other government-held and non-government databases.