International Exchange of Information in the Context of Firearms Control

Firearms diversion and trafficking are critical security threats to the EU and its Member States. Inadequate harmonisation of legal definitions, national frameworks, and registration systems hinders the collection and sharing of vital information, impeding efforts to prevent and detect firearm diversion to criminal and terrorist groups, both within and outside the EU.

REGISYNC’s analysis discusses the importance of exchanging information among European law enforcement agencies to trace firearms effectively. Tracing firearms helps with solving crimes, identifying traffickers, and preventing illegal firearm circulation. This policy paper highlights challenges in international information exchange on firearms data and provides insights on issues observed at the international and the domestic level. The paper also provides recommendations to improve information exchange both domestically and internationally.

Amongst the key recommendations identified are for EU Member States to use integrated platforms for international firearms information requests, to expand SIENA access beyond national Europol contact points allow for more independent queries and quicker responses, as well as to create national databases for lost and found firearms to improve firearms tracking. 

Full text is available here.